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What is band saw?

The wood industry is never out of trend. Alongside the increasing demands in wood furniture, the development of its industries is more and more. Saw, from that point, also has a strong evolution. In the past, workers usually used saw to cut the wood blocks into pieces by hands. Now, at the modern times, machine has gradually taken turn and become the main part in making furniture.

1.     What is a band saw?

Band saw is a vast machine used to cut sawn from the tree to the wood panels of different thicknesses. These machines are often used in sawmills, wood processing for raw. There are a lot of kinds available on many requirements of manufacturers, from sewing small, medium to large, etc.
Band saws is also a kind of sawing machine with circular blade curved sliding movement on the 2 flywheels and only runs in one direction fixed cutting. The machine allows steel cutting, steel plates, wide viewing tube, full iron tube or block cut ... On the market now, there are a wide range of band saws but these 2 one are the main product lines which are vertical band saws and horizontal band saws.

2.     Types of band saw

·         Vertical band saws:

This one if often used in the food and wood industry.
This type vertical bandsaw machine has the bow saw stood, ingot cutting will be moved and pushed into the saw blade during the cutting process so that it is only been used to cut the lightweight material and can be used for the canopy details on wood or thinmetal. Sincewe have to use hand to push details to the saw blade, the speed of embryos absorption cannot be regular. It is usually occurred shock and then breaks the saws. From that point, micro-vertical bandsaw machines are often built the saw blade welding parts inside the machine. The market now has some kinds of vertical band saws that the desk clamp embryos can be moved automatically, but usually short trips and high cost.
·         Horizontal band saws:

This one is often used in the metalworking industry.

The horizontal band saws whosesaw bow – the body of the saw - is moved from the top down by the gravity of the bow, embryos are fixedly cut in E-Car so that it is able to cut the material which is heavy, big and so on. Thus, it is widely applications in the metalworking industry. This saw type is very common and have many designs depending on the needs and applications of processing work, sawing relatives may lie leaning on a pedestal and it is also has a vertical bow type horizontally leaning on two pillars hydraulic (the large ones), controlling part can be thenormal, NC, CNC, etc. this type horizontal band saw machine according to the ability to work of the machine, and the needs of users that can be added the system design hydraulics, hydraulic E-Car, the automatic feeders, so forth and so on.
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