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Tips for hunting squirrels (part 2)

3/ Check for hunting seasons

Each state has its own hunting season, so you should acquire profound information about your state’s season for hunting. Plus, take notice of the no firearm season.  In this particular period of time, any utilization of weapons is incompatible with the law and those who breach end up being delinquents.
4/ Choose your weapon

Hunters are given a wide range of weapon options. Nonetheless, permissible weapons vary from state to state. Therefore, take into account that you should only use those that are most suited to your individual capabilities and aligned with governmental legislation. By doing so, you will distance yourself from the fear of violating the state’s regulations.
A list of recommended weapons is:
·         Air Rifle
·         .22 caliber weapons see more fishing hunting center
·         Bow
5/ Prioritize safety

Admittedly, each hunter is keen on using a different weapon. Regardless of this variety, all it takes to become skilled hunters is practice. Make sure that you have a thorough understanding of your tools and make room for repetitive drills to get used to your weapons. There are some points to take into consideration:
·         Keep the gun pointed downward all the time, aside from the actual shooting
·         Do not underestimate the risk of getting hurt by bows, as they might pose a serious menace to one’s well-being
·         Check information on the Internet if you want to find out more about squirrel hunting
6/ Learn about squirrels

According to squirrels’ biological clock, they are most active during the day.  Knowing their routines and hunting season will facilitate the whole process of locating them to a great extent.
Beechnuts and hickory nuts are squirrels’ favorite sources of food. Thus, the key to triumphantly find them is to look for their leftovers which have been scattered along the way.
7/ Decide on whether to stalk or to wait
If you feel that you have opted for a perfect shooting position, then it is fine to wait. Conversely, some hunters prefer stalking method for a more proactive stance in the hunt. Irrespective of what method you choose, it is of the ultimate vitality that hunters stay calm and still. Try not to lose your temper quickly since being patient will raise the odds of success immensely.
8/ Emulate the sound of squirrels

It is common knowledge that squirrels are quick to sense danger and hear unusual noises, which stimulates their vigilance. Hence, copying their noise can play an instrumental role in determining whether your hunt journey will be a success. Two tips that should be remembered to duplicate their sounds:
·         Rub 2 quarters together
·         Rustle the leaves but not create extra sounds
9/ Use a trap

Traps enable hunters to capture squirrels without much hindrance. Nevertheless, the use of traps must be in accordance with the laws. To achieve that aim, find out more information on your state’s hunting legislation.
10/ Take a shot

Your shot should not be pointed downward, as squirrels’ natural habitat is in trees. Also, they should aim at their heads. The act of aiming for the heads will ensure a higher quality of the meat, as well as increase the possibility of a clean kill. Shooting elsewhere may leave undesirable results, in which it accidentally paves the way for their escape.
11/ Be patient

As mentioned above, patience is indispensable in hunting. Too much craving for your targets to come close will only lead to even more disappointing failures. That is why every hunter, no matter what level of experience they have mastered, need to be diligent. Without it, there is little likelihood that hunters manage to capture the squirrels. Sudden movements will create unwanted noise, while shooting indiscriminately will take away your chance of having an accurate shot.
12/ Clean your kills

After taking down the squirrels, proceed with processing methods. You’ll want to make sure that your meat is up to standards. If you have any questions, ask for help from those who have a wealth of experience in it or dip into the Internet in search of more information.

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